Artwork Format

  • We only accept artwork in either of the following formats .ai / .eps / .psd / .tiff / .pdf
  • We strongly encourage customers to ONLY submit artwork that was created using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign
  • Please ensure all the texts are outlined
  • Embed all the links in the artwork before saving the file
  • File formats which are not suitable for printing will be rejected.
  • Captain Print shall not be liable to any error from the artwork that was created using Microsoft Office Software (PowerPoint / Words / Publisher etc). 

Artwork Resolution

  • All artwork & images used in the artwork must have a minimum resolution of 300dpi
  • Captain Print will not be liable for any blurred or low-res image on the artwork provided by customer.

Artwork Colour Setting

  • All colour artwork and/or images must be provided in CMYK format. Computer monitor colours are rendered in RGB mode and all files received in RGB or other colour formats will be converted to CYMK for printing without prior notice, and our company shall not be responsible for any colour aberration caused by the conversion.

Artwork Colour Matching

  • In order to provide a cheaper end cost to customers, we print CMYK printing jobs together and marginal variations are to be expected from one print run to another.

    While we take great effort to match colours as accurately as possible, we cannot be held liable for these marginal color variations (10% colour tolerance) or inaccuracies in the printed matter which may be more evident in reprints. A 100% exact colour match is not possible.

Contract Proof Printing (Sample Print)

  • Click here for more information

Artwork Bleed

  • Please provide at least 3mm bleed (all round) for the artwork
  • Artwork comes without bleeding will be rejected

Artwork Safe Area

  • All important contents (text, images, logos, etc.) should be kept at least 3mm away from the edge of the artwork

Cutting Allowance

  • Customers are to expect the cutting allowance within ± 1.5mm.

    Artwork Amendment / Converting Low-Res or Non-Digital Artwork to Printable Format

    • Any artwork amendment required to be done by Captain Print is subjected to an Artwork Fee (starting from $20, depending on complexity), which does not include:
      • artwork revision (all layout will be done according to customer's draft)
      • release of the final artwork in any format
      • recreation of any logo for the artwork (all logos are to be provided by customer)
      • sourcing of any image for the artwork (all images are to be provided by customer)
    • Captain Print will not be liable for any blurred or low-res image / logo provided by customer

    Design Service

    • For design service, kindly contact our design team at
    • Captain Print will not be liable for any misplacement, blurred or low-res images, spelling or typo error on artwork approved by the customer.


    • Customers are encouraged to check & export the final artwork as print-ready format (Outlined text, embedded links, flatten layers with bleed)
    • Captain Print will not be liable for any misplacement, blurred or low-res images, spelling or typo error on artwork provided and/or approved by the customer.
    • Captain Print will also not be liable for any artwork & content fill up with overprint which resulted missing of content in the final product.
    • Captain Print holds the right to publicise the works done as part of our portfolio (without disclosing the confidential and personal information of our clients).


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